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Michelle McNicol


Hi, Im Michelle, and I’m the face behind Lifestyle Pilates at Home – Im a 42 year old Pilates instructor with 1 Husband, 2 kids, 1 Step-kid, a penchant for wine, and a collection of activewear that’s so large I’m guaranteed to never wear it all.

My health and fitness journey really started when I was at uni. I loved going to the gym and the manager asked me if I could become a Fitness Trainer to cover a staff member who was going on maternity leave.

So I did

I worked part-time in the fitness industry while working full-time in the corporate world for the next 12 years.

In 2012 I opened my Pilates Studio in Sydney and am incredibly fortunate to absolutely love what i do.

During that time I’ve run a million miles, lifted weights, done aerobics classes, crossfit, and team-sports. It was only after I had my daughter in 2008 that I tried Pilates and instantly fell in love with how it made my body feel strong and muscly, but lean and not bulky like other weight bearing exercise had made me look in the past.

At the same time I’ve tried eating vegan, juice cleanses, drinking shakes, cutting out carbs, Intermittent fasting and pretty much every diet out there.

A few years ago I discovered and fell down the rabbit hole that was Yoga and handstands, and haven’t looked back.

So as weird as it sounds, I move my body with a mixture of weight training, yoga and pilates, and follow a flexible diet approach that incorporates protein shakes and fasting. Because it makes me feel good

 If you can’t attend my classes in our Sydney studio, you can sign up for my online workouts for less than two dollars a day, and join me from your lounge room. 

Pilates has changed my body and my life, join me to help you change yours.

See you on the mat soon

Why Lifestyle Pilates at Home?


Since the day I opened my Pilates Studio, almost every client has asked me 2 questions

  1. Will I lose weight?

  2. How often should I do Pilates?

These 2 questions led me to find these statistics about the Health and Fitness industry.

  • 45 million Americans go on a diet each year.

  • 50% of women are on a diet at any given time, but 95% of them will regain their weight loss within 1-5 years.

  • The Fitness Industry is a Trillion dollar business, but less than 5% of people participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day.

  • 14% of Americans own a Health Club membership, but 38% leave within 24 weeks because its too expensive and its inconvenient.

When I then started to look a bit deeper into my industry, I found that there was something really weird going on. You may have seen it too

  • Ego and righteousness –

    There are so many fitness people who are totally set on their way to exercise or eat, with no thought about flexibility. Its ‘Their way or the highway’. God forbid, if you love a BBQ or absolutely hate running (yep me!, im that person. Its a hard no to running. Nope, not happening)

  • Pills, potions and promises –

    There are a crazy amount of myths and scams that promise the world, but leave you feeling used, deflated and disheartened, that ‘it didn’t work again, everyone else gets results, it must be me, ive failed again’

  • Gyms are intimidating! –

    Filled with guys in tank tops with giant biceps, and girls in booty shorts and sports bras taking Instagram selfies. Everyone seems to know what they’re doing, and there’s never a gym employee in sight. Gone are the days of gym staff walking the gym floor answering questions and showing people how to use equipment.

Quite simply, there is something drastically wrong with the way the Health and Fitness industry works; and  my colleagues and I actually TOTALLY SUCK at our jobs.

We are trusted with helping people to better their health and happiness, and we’re 100% failing them.


So why did I create Lifestyle Pilates at Home?

Great Question! Im glad you asked!

  1. To provide affordable, accessible workouts that you can do in your own environment

  2. To provide real, no BS health and fitness information that is flexible in its approach

  3. Because I believe that there is NO one size fits all when it comes to diet or exercise.

Your Health and Fitness goals should be specific to you and should work around your life and family. Training 2 hours a day in a gym and walking 10 miles is great if you don’t have a job or family.

Your life, Your goals, Your way

I’m here to help you achieve that….

Shell xo